the band of mum and dad


Primary Scream


Primary Scream is a local community Rock n’ Roll covers band made up of seven parents from Little Ealing & Fielding Primary Schools.

The band was originally formed in the autumn of 2012 by the Little Ealing's Parent, Teacher & Friends Association as a one off project to provide some entertainment at the school’s Summer Party. Having put word out across the school that musicians were required to form a band the roles were very quickly filled by parent’s eager to join a rock and roll band.

The band found a place to rehearse at Panic Music studios in Acton, owned by another parent at from the school. The plan to develop a set list of just 6 songs quickly grew and by the time the band played their debut gig for children and parents at The New Inn they had a full set of 15 songs ready to rock.

Word quickly spread about the band throughout the South Ealing and Brentford area and he band have gone on the play numerous gigs at various school fetes, community events, private parties and charity fundraisers with a repertoire of over 30 songs.

The band line up has changed over the years and we even let a parent from Fielding Primary School join!

For Primary Scream it’s all about a good time, a good cause and the love of rock n’ roll from a band who put the fun in to fundraising!


Who we are: A "tongue in cheek" look at the Band

Robbie King – Lead Vocals

Robbie started his singing career as a schoolboy soprano in various operas. Grown up bands include The Red Bull Blues Band (Cambridge), Slippery When Wet (Sarajevo) and Les Cidderants (Paris). Upon leaving the Army in 2007 and returning to London he formed Theory of Monkey and played for 3 years before the bass player went to Afghanistan, the Saxophonist to Iraq and the Drummer to Brussels. As one of the founder members of Primary Scream in 2012, Robbie is delighted to continue the rich history of blues in West London.


Al Young – Guitar

Blah, blah, blah........


Khalid Amin – Guitar

Blah, blah, blah........


Paul King – Bass Guitar

Paul started back in the 1980s, playing double-bass with amateur blues bands Blue Rose and The Blueprints. Atfer a stint with Rock and Rollers Johnny & the Zephyrs he joined Northampton based rockabilly band Smalltown Bigshots … who soon became Running Wild, and went on to sign for Nervous records just as Paul moved to Manchester in the mid 1990s. There he played with Drum ’n Bass collective SHM/Beatific, and very nearly signed to the legendary Factory Records with the punkish electronic trio Spectacle RPI.

10 years later, Paul joined Jump-Jive outfit Big Al & the Fireflies, before founding his current band Jump 66 in 2011. The band play every month at top London blues venues like Ain’t Nothing But and Gaz’s Rockin Blues, and have become regular fixtures at the Ealing Blues Festival. This summer they played 5 gigs at Glastonbury Festival. Paul also regularly plays bass for other London blues bands including West Weston’s Bluesonics, Gentleman Tim and the Contenders, Rollo Markee and the Tailshakers, Jules and the Gamblers, Jerry Tremaine and the Setting Suns and Jackson Sloane. In 2013 he was privileged to join West Weston’s band backing legendary New Orleans blues master Little Freddie King for a 3 night residency in Soho.

With Primary Scream Paul releases his inner rock demon, ditching his usual double bass for an electric bass guitar.


Dave Simpson – Drums

As chair of Little Ealing Primary School’s PTFA Dave was left holding the sticks so to speak when no alternative drummer could be found! Word had got out that he had once played drums in school. To this day he has no idea who started that rumour but he went with the flow and picked up from where he left off 20 years earlier  - with no sense of timing or rhythm! He quickly learnt on the job and has gone on to become the final piece in the Primary Scream jigsaw.


Paul Fiander – Saxophone

With natural choirboy looks, Paul should have been fronting the band, however it was not to be!

Despite every band he's been in telling him he cannot sing, Paul still dreams of that spotlight shining on him.

Reduced to the occasional high-pitched yelp, sadly no longer common in contemporary music, Paul switched to the saxophone.

Initially, making very similar sound, he's honed his minimal talent through a succession of bands – from the "fun loving archivists" and “ Radio Times Band” at the BBC to the Fulham Big Band, Paul was able to hide amongst a voluminous brass section.

Despite being promised at least a trumpet and trombone, Paul is the only member of the brass section in Primary Scream. Frankly, he remains unnoticed by most audiences, mainly due to the fact that is fellow band members disconnect his microphone at every opportunity.

Probably by the time you get to see the band, Paul will be reduced to sitting in the van with a bag of chips.....


David Kiely – Harmomica, Bongos & Percussion

Blah, blah, blah........



Past Members:

Darren Walker – Guitar

Darren cut is rock star teeth playing in bands at high school and some busking the streets of Dunedin as a student in his native New Zealand. He continued with a few side projects after University and joined a corporate band before a long hiatus until the formation of Primary Scream. His greats claim to fame is meeting Eddie Van Halen in Wellington!


Ian Whitfield – Guitar

Having completed a successful one gig world tour in 1983 with the now legendary ‘Pregnant Eggs’ Ian left the band due to musical differences to pursue a solo career working on a concept record (still work in progress).  Having spent most of the last 30 year practicing alone in his room, Ian was rescued from this self-inflicted isolation in October 2012 by Darren Walker and Robbie King, the rest is now history.


Lou Grimley – Lead Female Vocals

Lou started her singing career with a copy of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours on vinyl and a hairbrush for a microphone.

Following many years of singing in church choirs, the only outlet for her passion while at school, university (not cool enough for any college rock bands), and the early years of her career, she finally made the jump to something more contemporary when a colleague suggested forming a teacher rock band. What started as a project to entertain and amuse a bunch of belligerent teenagers while raising money for charity, became something much bigger when the teachers turned out to be quite good...

Since then, Lou has not looked back. She has sung with various bands, at various venues across the country, covering folk, country, rock - in fact, whatever she is told to sing. 

Honoured to be asked to work with Primary Scream at its inception, Lou hopes that she tempers the testosterone levels a little, while continuing to encourage the band to cover artists that are still alive. She is also having a fabulous time singing with a wonderful group of guys, while taking another step towards her ultimate life dream of being a member of Springsteen's E Street Band.